Technology Licensing Office of a reputed University from Chicago area

Client Need:

The University developed an improved process to make Safranal faster, cheaper, and greener. After patenting it they were finding it difficult to out license it even after more than 2 years of trying.

Solution Approach

  • Aagami deployed a senior consultant to understand and capture important details about the asset / technology
  • Identified relevant companies in India and elsewhere.
  • Shortlisted 68 companies and sent them customized 'Elevator Pitch' (EP)
  • After several follow ups on phone calls and emails, coordinated CDAs and conference calls with several interested Companies and brought 3 companies on term sheet level discussions
  • Aagami supported in structuring and negotiating the deal discussions.
  • Finally established the partnership within 6 months from the start date


Downloadable Version: