German Biotech company making safer, effective and differentiated Novel drugs

Client Need

Innovator partners in India to collaborate on a new class of  proteins - Anticalins┬« to develop various programs in Oncology and Ophthalmology. 

Solution Approach

  • Aagami identified right partners, and took them to 7 interested companies for Anticalins┬«
  • With focused efforts 3 companies moved to term sheet level discussions. Aagami kept facilitating and persevering. 2 companies remained for final negotiations. 
  • Aagami maintained its spirits and perseverance knowing Indian ways of working; even when client was ready to give up as per Western ways. 
  • Finally co development partnership happened in next few months with one company in Oncology.
  • Second company took more time and couple of visits  before  signing co-development deal  for ophthalmic therapy.


  • Client signed co-development deals with 2 companies in Oct and Dec 2013 respectively.
  • Right companies, right advice, structure, perseverance and commitment were the key success factor. in making it happen. 
  • Aagami proved highly influential in negotiations for finalization of the deals due to deep experience in business culture nuances of India.
  • It brought repeat  and referral business to Aagami.

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