TPM® Technology and Products Company from Australia.

Client Need

 To Out-License TPM® Technology and Co-Develop in clinic products using proprietary Delivery technology and market such products in India and possibly larger region.

Solution Approach

  • Aagami scanned numerous companies and got 10 relevant companies interested. 
  • Discussion with 8 companies progressed. 
  • Took client to India 3 times for term sheet level meetings and deal signing.
  • Facilitated entire evaluation and deal structuring process
  • Aagami made sure testing and other protocols were honoured before deal was made. 
  • During the process Aagami ensured clear understanding despite socio cultural differences in styles of working.


Deals with 3 global companies of India

  • The first deal was struck for diclofenac topical gel formulation containing TPM platform. The Indian partner not only launched  their own product but also out licensed to a major western pharma.
  • The second alliance was struck for use in Skin Whitening and under eye cream. 
  • Third deal - Aagami was able to facilitate a new business model  with this prospect, who using client technology increased bio availability as well as stability of a specific antibiotic.


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