Fortune 100 Chemical company from Midwest US

Client Need

Cost reduction for customized MSDS for various countries with unique regulations for thousands of chemicals it produces. 

Solution Approach

  • Client is in Chemicals business for over 100 years across 150 countries and needed to create 1000s of MSDS every month.
  • This had become very expensive due to complexities and different regulatory needs of various countries . 
  • Aagami analysed the situation and suggested offloading such processes to Indian companies
  • Aagami scanned though its database and network to identify the right partners.
  • Performed due diligence on the shortlisted agencies and facilitated discussions and influenced negotiations and deal structuring


  • Aagami helped strike alliance with the right partner in India.
  • 85% Cost reduction was achieved within 6 months of starting operation.
  • The client continues to employ Global Delivery Model for MSDS creation and management.

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