Innovation Center of a New Zealand University focused on Health Sciences

Client Need:

  • A mobile, lightweight molecular diagnostic technology and device was developed at the University.
  • Its Innovation center wanted to study the market potential in India.
  • As per Aagami's suggestion, client agreed to include regulatory overview and potential partners in the study.

Solution Approach

  • Aagami involved a team of a senior and a junior researcher to conduct secondary and primary research to assess and collect market data.
  • Identified Competitors and their product ranges and also did a brief comparison analysis.
  • Prepared a crisp and concise report with data, analysis and recommendations
  • Also prepared a regulatory overview document
  • Captured the potential end users of the product as well as shortlisted potential partners
  • Offered consulting support for Partnership Development and India Market Entry with a clearly defined Partnering Strategy and roadmap to achieve the goal.


  • The report helped the University in determining conclusively on India market initiative.
  • Pleased with the report, the University appointed Aagami to find a licensing partner in India.

Downloadable Version: