Publicly Listed Australian skincare products & technology company

Client Need

Client, a public limited company in Australia needed to get a competitive landscape of prestige skin whitening, anti-ageing and body shaping market in India, to order to device strategy on their pricing and licensing for Indian Market

Solution Approach

  • Aagami involved a team of a senior and a junior researcher part time to conduct secondary research on web and primary research via in person visits to shops, mall and interviews with Industry professionals, Business owners, store managers, salon managers and doctors to assess market and collect data
  • Identified Competitors and their product ranges with their Price points and feedback from stakeholders¬†
  • Prepared a crisp and concise report with data, analysis and Unit Price Map in MS- Excel format in an easy to understand and customized views.
  • Performed competitive benchmarking to assess ¬†a Relative Cost Benefit Index and recommended potential product pricing ranges.


As per client, the report was extremely helpful and enlightening in preparing for their trip to India, and proved essential in determining conclusively whether their product range is capable of selling in the Indian market at the equivalent of Australian retail prices.

Downloadable Version: