Investors Controlled Innovative technology company.

Client Need

Needed to evaluate the Asian market for the product acceptance of Nanotechnology based cardiac diagnostic platform, in which they were considering to invest for commercialization of the technology in Asian and other markets.

Solution Approach

  • Aagami involved a team of a senior and a junior Analyst  to conduct primary and secondary research on cardiovascular disease and its diagnosis in Asia.
  • Parameters such as drawbacks of prevailing diagnosis methods & details of actual time taken by General practitioners , were studied, documented and analyzed.
  • Enumerated the benefits of using Nanoplasmonic tech – MI  in cardiovascular, cancer & HIV.
  • Collated the key market trends in East & South Asia and highlighted the key findings in tabular & graphical presentation for quick analysis. 
  • Prepared a concise report on the addressable and product acceptance for the new Technology in Cardiac Diagnostic market.


  • Client found the report effective and helpful.
  • The key market trends & insights provided, served as conclusive guidance to the client for finalizing further investment into the technology and preparing Market entry and Pricing strategy for Asian market.

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