Linda edited 2It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Linda Pullan has joined Aagami Inc. as a partner Consultant. We see it as a major development which will bring added value to our clients while also widen our reach.

Based in Southern California, Linda has a Ph.D., and over 25 years of pharmaceutical and biotech experience in research and licensing, business development, R&D and consulting.

 Linda has worked for AstraZeneca, Amgen, Kosan Biosciences and now consulting for a decade, helping companies with all aspects of partnering.

Linda has an In-depth understanding and proven success in drug development, evaluation, valuation and negotiation for strategic alliances and licensing deals. She has worked each year on multiple term sheets and about 5 signed deals and has a great deal sheet with more than 50 large, mid and small size deals (licensing as large as $100MM upfront, several options, and university licenses - for Preclinical to Phase III).

Linda Pullan completed her education from the University of California. She has authored 66 scientific literature publications and produces a monthly newsletter (Pullan’s Pieces) on science and business for thousands of readers. She has also been honored as an Advisor, Reviewer, Lecturer, and Speaker.

Specialties: Strategy, Identification, Evaluation, Valuation, and Negotiation for biotech and pharma drug candidate opportunities. Strong in oncology, neuroscience, and others.
With Linda joining in, Aagami Inc., looks forward to scaling new heights and realizing many possibilities, together.