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Aagami has received a new assignment from a new client for strategic advisory and partnership development.

Client is a bio-targeted nanomedicines company with world-wide exclusive rights to a novel and innovative drug-targeting platform technology developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The technology is based on generating self-assembling bio-targeted nanoparticles, called Eosomes. The structural basis of the Eosomes is a recombinant protein that has three functional domains:
1) receptor binding 2) endosomal penetration and 3) therapeutic capture

The Eosomes protein binds the therapeutic through noncovalent electrostatic interaction driving the self-assembly of the Eosomes.

Updates at Aagami for April 2017

  • New Client Win for Aagami. UK based Client is has unique nanotechnology based delivery system that works with multiple forms such as topical, oral and injectable
  • Aagami client JRF Global completes an action packed result focused trip to California. Both CEOs and also JRF BD Head North America were present
  • Aagami registers for BIO International Convention June 19-22, 2017, in San Diego
  • Aagami CEO to visit Japan, Korea, India in August 2017

Aagami announces a new client win. Aagami has received a mandate for strategic advisory and cross border licensing partnering.

The  UK based client's proprietary nanotechnology drug delivery platform is based on a specialist formulation of silicon that enhances drug bioavailability and therapeutic compliance through optimized solubility, stability and controlled therapeutic drug release. The particle contains hundreds of channels (mesopores) in a honeycomb porous structure to facilitate this. They are made from FDA GRAS approved materials. It is claimed to be the Best Drug Delivery Solution Available Today, that also  works with multiple forms such as topical, oral and injectable.

Aagami looks forward to bringing success to its new client.

Updates at Aagami:

  • New client win for Aagami - Netherlands HQ'd company with First-in-class phase-3-ready drug candidate for Post Operative Firbrosis (POF)
  • Aagami CEO attends a fruitful BIO Asia in Japan 14-15 March
  • Aagami CEO completes a successful business trip to Japan and Korea (March 10-29)
  • Aagami CEO to visit San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, along with client CEO for high level strategic meetings for co-development partnerships (March 27 to April 7)

In keeping up with the annual tradition, Aagami is participating in JP Morgan Healthcare conference and BioTech Showcase this January 2017. Both events are like pilgrimage for the Lifesciences Industry professionals and brings about major global partnerships and advancements. Last year Aagami had a very busy and fruitful participation with over 45 one-to-one meetings.